Award-winning Watercolor Artist

"Brothers in Arms"

Selected for Publication
Splash 14: Light and Color

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Kim Johnson discovered her love for the creative process at a young age.  On the advice of family and friends concerned that she have a 'real career', Kim completed her degree in psychology before pursuing her real passion - watercolor.


"For four days I threw paint, dropped paint and pushed paint, and watched with a grin as shapes developed, shadows became deeper and eyes, noses and mouths emerged.  
Thanks Kim, it was fantastic!"


"I just wanted to let you know how much I loved your workshop and to thank you so much for sharing your beautiful techniques with us. I admire your teaching abilities. You are one talented girl!"


"I started taking art classes and it was so exciting!  I loved creating paintings and amazed myself with my accomplishments.  The whole process, from the composition to drawing to painting, is thrilling!"

Now fully devoted to her artistic endeavors, Kim's masterful use of glazes and washes, wet and dry technique, and positive and negative space  breathes life into pieces focused on the human and animal experiences. Her award winning work is enjoyed by both corporate offices and private collectors.

Kim is a signature member of AWS, NWS, SDWS, TWSA, WW, WFWS and AWA.  She has expanded her work to include instructional and demonstration sessions.  To find out more about 'Studying with Kim' opportunities, click here.



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